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Tap Into the Culture of Your Surroundings

Discover Mode: browse items that have been recently bought at stores and restaurants closest to your location. You can choose to -browse all- or -search- for any particular item. Slync can even show you what’s trending at the store you’re in!

Each post includes photo, price, and location with turn-by-turn directions. If you find something you like, double-tap the photo and send a -thank you- to the person who shared it.


Share Your Purchases – it’s Simple

My Feed Mode: where you can view, set as private or share your own local purchases with others. Sharing your items is easy: 1. Snap it 2. Input price 3. Publish – we’ll take care of the rest.

With Slync, there are no friends, biographies or comments; instead, a simple way to receive a -thank you- from someone who loved what you shared.


The First 1,000 Users (The 1K Users)

The 1K users have a special place in our hearts! They are the early adopters – the ones who were there from the start and who made Slync possible. Their accounts are eminent with the “1K” symbol and various distinct privileges.

If you are the 1K, thank you!


Meet the Team

We are a team of several UW and PFH students who are passionate about advancing technology, building our city, and winning the Super Bowl (go Hawks)!

After thousands of hours spent on research and development all on our own, we’re absolutely ecstatic to finally get Slync into your hands – the people of Seattle. With an exclusive launch in our home city and a marketing budget just short of a happy meal, we need your help and support in spreading the word!

We are committed to making Slync a brand new experience and an essential part of your lifestyle.

Tw: @PeterBabiy | @MichaelBabiy | @SurgeBlin